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NWC Year in Review 2014

Thanks to your support 2014 was a successful year working to advance the rights of whistleblowers at the National Whistleblower Center.  As the year comes to an end, the NWC would like to take this opportunity to share with you the work we have accomplished with your support.

The NWC issued two major reports supporting whistleblowers in 2014.

The first, Saving America’s “Most important Tool to Uncover and Punish Fraud” was released July 30 in conjunction with an Action Alert.  The report was the basis for written testimony from the NWC submitted at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the False Claims Act.  At the hearing the report was also referenced by Senator Grassley.

The second major report, The Importance of Whistleblower Rewards in Combating International Corruption, endorsing whistleblower reward laws, was released December 9, in honor of International Anti Corruption Day.  This report received worldwide media attention. This report endorsed establishment of effective whistleblower laws worldwide, and explained how international whistleblowers could use U.S. laws to obtain some protections.  The report was widely disseminated internationally, and cited to in news articles published in India, Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands and England.

In 2014, the National Whistleblower Center also filed the following important Amicus Briefs supporting whistleblowers, including:

International Anti-Corruption Campaign

Foreign Nationals File Whistleblower
Rewards Claims in United States

Major Breakthrough in Worldwide Protection for Whistleblowers


Washington, D.C. December 9, 2014.  Today, as part of the U.N. sponsored Anti-Corruption Day, the National Whistleblower Center issued a report, The Importance of Whistleblower Rewards in Combating International Corruption, endorsing whistleblower reward laws.  The Center is calling on government’s around the world to enact whistleblower laws and to model these laws on the highly successful U.S. programs.  

The report highlights that since 2011 over 1000 whistleblowers from 82 separate countries have already made confidential disclosures to U.S. authorities under the American anti-corruption whistleblower reward laws.  These laws permit foreign nationals to file confidential claims in the United States, including claims based on violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a law designed to combat international bribery of government officials.

Since 2011, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has paid non-U.S. citizens over $30 million U.S. Dollars in whistleblower rewards.  The names and the countries of origin of these international whistleblowers are kept strictly confidential to protect the informants. 

“The U.S. reward programs are filling the void caused by a lack of international whistleblower protections.  Until other countries enact effective laws, whistleblowers around the world will continue to face harsh retaliation,” stated Stephen M. Kohn, Executive Director of the National Whistleblower Center.

“It is troubling that whistleblowers have to come to the United States for protection, while their home countries have ignored their plight, or participated in the retaliation,” Kohn added.

Whistleblower Seeks Supreme Court Review in Controversial Iraqi War Defense Contracting Fraud Case

Appeals Court Decision Permitting KBR to Keep Secret Documents Containing Evidence of Millions of Dollars in Fraud Against the U.S. Taxpayers Challenged

Washington, D.C. November 25, 2014. A whistleblower who formerly worked for the giant defense contractor, Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) has filed a petition for a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court seeking review of a highly controversial ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit permitting corporations to hide documentation of fraud obtained in internal corporate compliance investigations.

The petition, filed yesterday, seeks to overturn an appeals court ruling permitting KBR to keep secret internal investigatory records that contain evidence of millions of dollars in defense contracting fraud committed during the War in Iraq. 

SEC Whistleblower Office Continues Big Improvements

Program sets a new national standard for effective whistleblower programs


Washington, D.C. November 19, 2014.  On Monday the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Office of the Whistleblower released its FY 2014 Annual Report.  The report, required by Congress, documented significant improvements in the SEC’s whistleblower program, leading the National Whistleblower Center to point to the SEC program as a model for other federal agencies to follow.


Stephen M. Kohn, Executive Director of the National Whistleblower Center, stated: 

“The SEC program is fast becoming a model for other federal agencies to follow.  The Office of the Whistleblower has not only developed an administrative program for processing ‘tips’ and rewards, it has engaged on key issues effecting whistleblowers.  The Office is filling the void on the lack of international whistleblower protections, ensuring that foreign nationals who blow the whistle on violations of U.S. securities laws that occur outside the United States are fully covered under the awards law.  Additionally, it has taken groundbreaking steps to combat retaliation in the workplace, including sanctioning companies that retaliate and filing ‘friend of the court’ briefs to ensure that the courts properly interpret whistleblower protection laws.”   

“This multi-faceted approach to whistleblower protection is a model for other federal agencies to follow,” Kohn added.


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